At Aero Consulting Experts, we are nothing if we are not all things related to growth and improvement in the aviation industry. Our passion for aviation is what gets us out of bed in the morning with the singular goal to assist our clients in improving leadership, technical, and operational excellence. We are often asked if we are a consulting firm, a strategy group, an operational management consultancy, an organizational design company, or an expert witness firm — our answer is: Yes. 

Bringing the best to the industry is not a one-dimensional practice. Rather it requires skill sets, competencies and a knowledge base that extends across a variety of relationships, platforms, mediums, and other strategic constituencies. 

Aero's team of experts represent what is arguably one of the most respected groups of aviation experts and operational leaders in the world. We are not just another band of retired pilots espousing industry know-how, we are world-class aviation specialists with a deep well of experience across all sectors. 

We have pilots like Rick Dubinski who led the biggest group of airline pilots in US history and the first elected labor representative on the BOD of United Airlines.

We have Ron Alvarado who was personally selected to fly the President, the Vice President, and countless world leaders in his Marine One.

Ross Aimer, who has not only flown every Boeing and Douglas jet aircraft ever built, but his over 33,000 hours includes flying the Shah of Iran and two former Russian presidents. He is one of the most in demand commentators on TV and in the press when it comes to aviation safety and security, and one of the most respected pilots in the world.

Buck Rodger is the only pilot in the world who flies a privately owned F-5 fighter jet, flying not only world leaders but some of the most noted names in global industries. Aimer and Rodger also hold the US Patent # 8717169, for the ACAS Air traffic Controller Alerting System. perfected by NASA/JPL. 

Add to this John McDannel who managed his 747-400 as well as a major California bank. And the list goes on.

This is who we are and why Aero Consulting Experts has become the consultancy of choice for many of the world's leading aviation organizations and top law firms. Our expert witness record is unmatched, combined with our years of unrivaled experience for even the most complex cases and issues. 

So, if you desire to make a difference in your organization or have a legal case that requires true expertise, we invite you to look at Aero where our exceptional experts not only know aviation — we help shape it.