Steps Used to Select an Aviation Consulting Expert

The expert witness practice of Aero Consulting Experts (ACE) has several guiding philosophies for working with aviation consulting experts. The main objective is to do the best possible job when it comes to aviation consulting; and it’s just as important for ACE to provide the truest representation of the facts in a straightforward and unbiased way.

What sets ACE apart from its competition — or what is called the practice’s competitive advantage — is the depth and breadth of ACE’s aviation experts and consultant team. The team, combined with our networking powerhouse to other Aviation Experts, represents nearly all aspects of aviation.

It is ACE’s intention to put these principles to work for you. To do that ACE uses a multi-step process when evaluating a work assignment and consequently assisting clients with selecting the best aviation expert witness possible.

Here are the steps of the aviation consulting procedure:


    • Case Assessment: During the first contact a through initial briefing is conducted between an ACE manager and the potential client. At this stage, ACE is looking for a proper fit between the company (the aviation consulting expert) and the client. In conjunction the conflicts, potential downsides, possible gains are weighed, evaluated and shared.


    • Aviation Consulting Expert Identified: A team is assembled within the company to identify the type of expert that is required by deviling into case specific information. For example, do we need an aviation consulting expert who has specific experience with the Boeing 747-400 landing gear wheel tilt system? Do we need a Senior Captain with 10,000+ hours on the Airbus 320 to discuss the auto throttle system? Our team will identify the best aviation consulting expert for the case and then go to work to discover that expert.


    • Strategic Course of Action: By use of the “decision tree” methodology, ACE tries to understand if the right ACE expert is available within the practice or will a candidate search need to be made outside of the firm. If that is the case, this is where ACE outshines other expert witness firms. The ACE consultant team is well connected and once the expert’s qualifications have been identified – our team will find the expert you are looking for. If the expert isn’t an in-house candidate ACE will use its network of contacts nationwide to find the right expert for the client.


    • Process Finalized: After ACE has identified the potential expert(s), the practice sets up a meeting so the client can interview the expert. Before that meeting, CV’s are sent for evaluation.


    • First Feedback Process: Following the interview, ACE will follow up with the client to see if the expert is acceptable. If yes, the client and the ACE expert move ahead. And, if not –ACE continues the search after learning what was wrong with the first candidate. ACE provides the next set of candidate experts and the process continues.


    • Proceeding on a Case: ACE will manage the case from an administration point of view – billing, time tracking, contracts, and most of the office support the expert requires. The firm will check in with the attorney to insure all the goals are being met and to see if there is anything else required.


    • The Expert: Once the work contract is agreed, the engagement starts, the expert will work freely on his or her own without interference from ACE. The practice stays involved to provide case management support and administrative work. The client and expert work in complete confidentiality. The practice is involved only on an as needed basis to help keep “the ball moving.”

    • Follow up: Once the case is finished, the practice will follow up with a Q&A satisfaction survey and use the assessment feedback to refine the ACE aviation consulting expert selection process and its business development strategies.

Remember: we want your aviation consulting to be the best!