meet the team


meet the team

The winning expertise

The winning expertise


Captain Bruce "Buck" Rodger is the president of Aero Consulting Experts and an aviation expert extraordinaire, specializing in military, corporate and commercial
flight operations.

A current United Airlines B-757,767 pilot, type-rated on B-757, 767, 747-400, LR-35, and F-5 / T-38, Captain Rodger is also a current safety pilot, operating, supervising, and instructing advance fighter aircraft operations in a Northrop F-5B Tiger.

With 27 years of professional flight experience, he is recognized for 12,000 hours of accident free flight with no FAA violation. He has an extensive USAF piloting background with emphasis in aerospace engineering, a Gulf War Veteran, United States Presidential support, and instructor at USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB.

Rodger has also constructed and managed a corporate flight department; delivered Falcon 50EX, MD NOTAR Helicopter, and now proudly serves as Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering; Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License; Airframe and Power-plant (A&P) License; and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) License.


Captain Ross “Rusty” Aimer is the CEO of Aero Consulting Experts and perhaps the most experienced pilot in the world still flying today. His distinguished career includes
piloting the Shah of Iran and two former Russian presidents.

Captain Aimer has appeared on nearly every major news network in the U.S. and abroad, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, CBC, BBC, SKY News, Press TV, Al Jazeera, Chanel News Asia, along with countless print and radio. 

With over 53 years and 33,000 hours of worldwide heavy jet flight and training experience, he is type rated on B-787*/B-777/B-767/B-757/B-747/B-737/B-727/B-720/B-707/DC-10/DC-9/DC-8/EMB-500.

Ross retired from United Airlines as a wide body Captain after a 40 year distinguished airline carrier that started with TWA. He was then hired at Boeing as the first cadre of 787/777 Training Captains, and has been flying the sleek Phenom Jet for the past 6 years, after his retirement from Boeing.

Captain Aimer has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and FAA A&P Mechanic qualified.

Rick uniform-sqare.jpeg

Captain Frederick "Rick" Dubinsky is an aviation legend, having served an unprecedented seven years as chairman of the United Airlines Pilots’ Master Executive Council of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA). He was elected to that office on four separate occasions, during which he was the chief executive officer of the union that represented United’s more than 10,000 pilots at its peak. His background in ALPA affairs was unusually broad and spanned nearly his entire airline career. He held numerous elected or appointed union positions, including having organized the successful United pilot strike in 1985, as well as serving as a member of ALPA’s board of directors and executive board. His many years of tireless service to his fellow pilots, his union, his profession and his airline were exceptional, and have distinguished him among his peers, nationwide.

From 2000 to 2001 Capt. Dubinsky was a member of the board of directors of UAL Corporation, the parent company of United Airlines. Additionally, in the late 1980s he served as the executive vice-president, secretary and member of the board of directors of the United Employee Acquisition Corporation. Following UAL’s bankruptcy filing in 2002, he was one of the founding board members of the United Retired Pilots Benefit Protection Association, which sought to protect the pensions, health insurance and other benefits of United’s retired pilots that were at risk in the bankruptcy proceedings.


Captain Albert "Al" Langelaar, Jr. is a world class aviation expert, specializing in pilot training, pilot hiring practices, aircrew competency, and international flagship operations.

A Current United Airlines (UAL) B-747-400 Captain, type-rated on B-737, 757, 767, 747-400 and DC8-71 airliners, Captain Langelaar has 30 years of professional flight experience, including Line Check Airman.

He is recognized for16,500 hours of accident free flight with no FAA violation, and a major contributor to United Airlines Continuous Improvement Policy (CIP) for recruitment and retention of the airline’s 9,000 pilots.

Langelaar holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) License, and brings added experience as a Flight Officer Employment Interview Captain.


Captain Jack Hareland is one of the industry's most noted aviation experts, specializing in airline and air cargo operations, aircraft maintenance and overhaul, contract negotiations, FAA certificate actions, FAR Part 91, 121, 125, and 135 operations, sales and leases, and aircraft valuations.

He is a retired United Airlines B-777 Captain, typed-rated on B-727, 737, 757, 767, 777 and 747-400 airliner, and Part 135 certificate for corporate jet management and charter, which he puts to good use as the owner and partner of a prestigious jet sales and leasing company, specializing in aircraft sales and operational management, including corporate jets and large commercial jets and engines.

Captain Hareland has 30 years of diverse military, commercial, commuter, and corporate aviation experience, in which he has performed as a Flight Duty Manager, Standards Captain and Check Airmen.

He is recognized for 18,000 hours of accident free flight with no FAA violation and a highly recognized Fleet Captain, responsible for training, checking and currency of more than 1,200 pilots and liaison to the FAA. Honorably discharged from the USMC as a Lt Col, he holds a BS in Construction Engineering and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License.


Captain Richard Dake is a leading airline industry authority, specializing in airline operations, pilot training/checking, aviation weather, flight attendant and cockpit crew performance, flight safety standards, simulator training, and flight path reconstruction. Captain Dake has appeared on FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, RT News, People Magazine and numerous radio stations. He is a retired United Airlines Captain, type rated on A320/319, B737,B757, B767, B747-400 airliners, and prior United Airlines Southwest Regional Assistant Chief Pilot for the Los Angeles and Denver domiciles.

With over 40 years of professional airline experience, he is recognized for over 22,000 hours of accident free flight with no FAA violation, and has held several volunteer positions with the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), including the ALPA B747-400 Flight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA) representative.  His additional range of experience includes In-flight Steward, In-flight Management, Marketing, Customer Service and Human Resources. He was a Pilot Instructor, Line Check Airmen, Standards Captain, and  FAA Designee on the B737 and B747-400. He also holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating.   

Captain Dake has assisted with Presidential Press Charters for both President Bush and
President Obama, having personally flown President Elect Obama and his family.


Captain Gordon Holiday is a renowned aviation expert, specializing in World War II aircraft, aerobatics, airshow flying, vintage, and experimental aircraft. He has experience as a corporate, training, and standards Captain, along with the management of a Fortune 100 flight department with worldwide operations. Captain Holiday was recently hand selected to fly a B-17 bomber and a noted warbird pilot.

With 40 years professional airline experience, Holiday is recognized for 26,000 hours of accident free flight with no FAA violation. He is a current United Airlines B-757/767 Captain, typed-rated on CE500, N265, HS125, B-727, 737, 757, 767, A-319/320, NB25, MIA6M, and CU-P40.  

He is part owner of an aviation insurance group, bringing that added expertise as well, and a highly respected member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, International Aerobatic Club, Vintage Aircraft Association, Commemorative Air Force, National Aeronautic Association, Air Museum Planes of Fame, Lone Star Flight Museum, Texas Aviation Hall of Fame, and International Council of Airshows. Holiday also chairs the local Aeromedical Committee for the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA).

He holds an AS degree in Business Administration, Course work in Aviation Safety, USC, Course work in Professional Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle University, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) License.


Captain Alfonzo "Rick" McCullough is one of the most respected airline industry authorities, specializing in accident investigation and analysis, airline and air cargo operations, command leadership resource management (CLR), flight safety standards, aircrew competency and international flagship operations. He is a current United Airlines (UAL) B-747-400 Captain, typed-rated on B-737, 757, 767, 777, and 747-400 airliners, and current UAL Fleet Captain responsible for training, checking and currency of more than 1000 Worldwide Flagship B-747-400 pilots.

With 30 years professional airline experience, he is recognized for 15,000 hours of accident free flight with no FAA violation, and currently oversees management, support and oversight of 700 LAX-based pilots, as well as management and supervision as the UAL Chief Pilot for the Los Angeles Domicile. 

He is Chairman of the Event Review Committee (ERC), resolving operational incidents with the FAA and ALPHA, and can add Airman B-747-400, 777, 767, 757, 737; Fleet Manager B-737-300/500, 747-100/200, 767,757; and Standards Captain B-747-400, 777, 737-200/300/500 to his stellar credentials. He holds a MS Management, Regis University, a BS in Aerospace Science, Metropolitan State College of Denver, and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License.


Allen Carrier is Vice President of Aero Consulting Experts, shaping global aviation policy and preparing clients for television news appearances, Congressional testimony and White House public affairs forums. 

A media master, Carrier conducts media training and coaching sessions for Aero's clients and pilots who are interviewed regularly at newsrooms globally, including CNN, FOX NEWS, TIME magazine, The Guardian, and the New York Daily News.

As a Congressional Press Secretary, Carrier staffed U.S. Representative. Norman Mineta, later becoming the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and the  former chair of the House Subcommittee on Aviation. He was also a press spokesman for U.S. Rep. James Lloyd, a former Navy fighter pilot and member of the House Armed Services Committee. 

Carrier was a news editor at the Air Force Times and wrote about aviation and avionics for the Arizona Daily Star and UPI wire service. Carrier is a White House political appointee serving three U.S. Presidents, with a B.A. degree in Journalism from American University in Washington, D.C.


Captain John McDannel is one of aviation's most accomplished experts, as a former commercial airline pilot with a deep background in community banking and small business financing, including lending practices, corporate stock evaluation, facilities and asset management, shareholders relationship and personnel management. His 15-year banking career at the $33 million Trans World Bank Corp. (TWB) ran concurrently with a 32-year career at United Airlines (UAL) where he retired as a B747-400 Captain in 2001.

A one-time commissioned officer with the U.S. Air Force flying the T-41, T-37 and T-38, McDannel was to chosen to fly then candidate (and later President and First Lady) Ronald and Nancy Reagan around the U.S. during the 1980 presidential campaign. Prior to his retirement, McDannel flew the B-747 as a UAL Captain, served as Chairman of the United ALPA Council #57, and honored with both UAL Captain of the Year and the carrier's prestigious Humanitarian Award. He is type-rated on B-747-400, 767, 757, 737, 727 and the A-320; and a prestigious sport pilot with a float-plane rating.

In addition, he holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP), the highest level of pilot licensing in the U.S. and certification as a Commercial Flight Instructor, both of which authorize him to act as pilot-in-command (PIC) of almost any aircraft worldwide, along with an ATA Flight Engineer (FE) Certificate.


Captain John Deleeuw is one of the industry's most highly regarded strategic management experts, having served as Senior Manager of Flight Safety at American Airlines (AA) for five years, addressing safety data systems such as Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), and Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) as integral elements within the Safety Management system.

Responsible for the Flight, Cabin, Maintenance, and Dispatch ASAP, as well as the FOQA program at American Airlines, he planned and managed the Corporate Safety Department while working closely with the AA Flight department, interfacing with all departments to proactively identify and develop strategies and practices to prevent accidents and incidents.  He also acted as AA’s liaison with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Department of Defense (DOD).                          

Prior to this, Deleeuw was the Deputy Chairman of the National Safety Committee at the Allied Pilots Association (APA), implemented several safety initiatives benefitting the 10,000 American Airlines pilots, and secured assistance during incidents and accidents for American Airlines crew members throughout the world.  

He served as an USAF C-130 Evaluator Pilot for eight years and participated in Desert Shield. 


Dr. Allen Parmet has a lengthy, distinguished record in the field of aerospace medicine as a flight surgeon, educator, and medical consultant. He was the last medical director of TransWorld Airline, and appointed as a FAA Aviation Medical Examiner in 1997 and has served as Chief of Flight Evaluations, School of aerospace medicine, Brooks AFB, TX. 

While a career officer in the United States Air Force, he served five years as Professor of Aerospace Medicine, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas.  He served on over 20 accident investigation boards while in the USAF and has worked as a consultant on dozens of aircraft, motor vehicle and railroad accidents.

Dr. Parmet has been a member of the USAF Astronaut Nomination Panel and the Manned Space Flight Engineer Selection Panel, as well as chairman of the Aerospace Medical Passenger Safety Committee. He also serves as a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration and as a consultant to the National Transportation Safety Board and NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel. 

He is the coauthor of 12 medical textbooks and authored chapters in the 5 major textbooks of Aerospace Medicine and Occupational Medicine. He has a B.S. in chemical engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy, received his M.D. from the University of Kansas, and M.P.H. from the University of Texas. 


Captain Jeff Latas is one of the most adept professionals in the aviation industry. Jeff has acquired a vast experience in his professional career, military and civilian, that includes Flight Evaluation, Accident Investigation (USAF Board President), and Weapons Development and Requirements. He is also one of the few commercial certified FAA drone pilots currently in the United States, and a Gold Star father.

A retired combat fighter pilot with experience in the F-15E, F-111 and T-38, Latas was honored with the Distinguished Flying Cross for Bravery, 4 Air Medals, 3 Meritorious Service Medals, 9 Aerial Achievement Medals.. In his Air Force career, Jeff was a Chief Standards and Evaluations Flight Examiner, and also served in the USAF Headquarters, Pentagon, in Weapons Requirements and Development. In 1996, he was selected by the Air Staff to represent the USAF in the Quadrennial Defense Review, a Presidential review of the state of the US Military. He is currently a Captain at JetBlue Airways in the Airbus A320/321 with nearly 20,000 hours of accident-free flight experience, and no FAA violations. He is type rated in the A320/321, B-737 and maintains certification in commercial drone operations. 

In addition to his outstanding aviation career, Jeff has also obtained political experience at Federal, State and Local levels, and is a small business owner in the medical field. Captain Latas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Public Administration.


Ron “Fido” Alvarado is a retired United States Marine Corps Aviator and highly respected aviation safety expert, specializing in rotorcraft-helicopter training, Crew Resource Management, Operational Risk Management, and accident investigation.

He is currently a First Officer with JetBlue Airways with type ratings: A-320/321, HS-125, EMB-500, BE-300, S-70, SK-61 and BV-107.

He was individually selected to the White House Military Office as a White House Helicopter Aircraft Commander directly supporting and flying the President of the United States, Vice President, and first family for four years in his Marine One.

A former U.S. Navy Submariner, Navy Diver, and Torpedoman serving aboard a Fast Attack Nuclear Powered submarine, Alvarado was also an Aerospace Production Manager for a 30 person team producing aircraft parts for over 300 aircraft companies.

His outstanding expertise also includes: Aviation Specialist, Contractor, Instructor Pilot, Captain flying and instructing combat missions throughout Afghanistan with the employment of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance U.S. military aircraft, having developed training programs and syllabi as well. He is the former CEO, COO, president and owner of several companies specializing in technology and professional executive development.