Aero Consulting Experts is a group of aviation consulting specialists with more than 135 years of combined experience in commercial aviation, general aviation, military, and corporate flight operations. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company provides aviation experts to Law Firms, News Media, Television and Film Production, and Aircraft Operators worldwide. It is our aim at Aero Consulting Experts to work within a clientís budget to achieve the best possible outcomes and results no matter what the size or scope of the project.

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Law Firms

The teamís career specialists include professional pilots, engineers, maintenance technicians, accident investigators, aerodynamic experts, meteorologists, flight-training simulation and human factor experts. We provide dedicated aviation experts for discovery, document review, pre-trail deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Television and Film Production

The company has expertise in television and film production for the staging of flight re-enactments, historical settings and acrobatics. We can assist in discovering aircraft, provide remote control aircraft, aircraft sets, flying aircraft and can supply simulation. Our experts can present behind the camera accuracy while offering realistic flying in front of the camera in warbirds, fighter jets, general aviation aircraft, and commercial airliners.

Aircraft Operators

Team members can assist aircraft operators worldwide in sales, management, flight operations, and maintenance procedures of jets or turboprop aircraft. We are exceptionally familiar with the Federal Aviation Regulations and can provide efficient and safe management while adhering to these formalities.

News Media

We offer on demand aviation experts for commentary, news quotes, and interviews providing impartial technical analysis on current events.


Accident Investigation and Analysis
Aeronautical Engineering and Information
Airline and Air Cargo Operations
Aircraft Maintenance and Overhaul
Aircraft Performance
Aviation Weather and Meteorology
Avionics and Instrumentation
Air Traffic Control (ATC) Procedures
Command Leadership Resource Management (CLR)
Cockpit Design Standards and Ergonomics
Commercial and Corporate Flight Operations
Data Retrieval and Flight Data Recorders
Demonstrative Videos
Engines (Jet, Turboprop, Reciprocating)
Entertainment Industry Technical Advisors
Extended Twin Engine Overwater Operations (ETOPS)
FAR & ICAO Specialists
FAA Approved Operations and Specifications
FAA Aeromedical
FAA Certificate and Disciplinary Actions
FAR Part 91, 121, and 135 Experts
Flight Attendant and Cockpit Crew Performance
Flight Safety Standards
Flight Path Reconstruction
General, Corporate, and Air Carrier Business Practices
Ground School Specialists
Helicopter Operations and Maintenance
Human Factors Experts
Military Specifications and Mission Deployment
Navigational Facilities
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
News & Television Commentary
Pilot Experts
Pilot Hiring, Training and Recruitment
Radar Reconstruction
Sales and Maintenance
Simulator Training and Reconstruction


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